Extra hour CAD

Additional hour of free swim with Aquamermaid tails. 

Add an extra hour after you mermaid swimming class to practice all your mermaid swimming techniques. 

*Kid under 11yrs must be supervised by an adult

*All participants must pass an autonomous swim test : 25 meters swim & 30 seconds of water treading. If the test is failed, an adult must join the kid in the pool.


Size Chart

Mermaid Tail Size

Mermaid Tail Size


Waist (cm) 

Waist (inches) 


56 - 66

23 - 26 


 67 - 77

 27 - 30 


78 - 89

31 - 34  


Mermaid Fin Size 

All our Mermaid tails come with our Aquamermaid monofin that accommodates feet from size 2 to 9. It includes two adjustable straps. 

Fin size : 18x18 inches (46x46 cm)
Weight : 1kg
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