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Mermaid Bra

Mermaid bra made with real seashells 

An elegant and natural mermaid top made from materials a real mermaid would collect like pearls, nautical rope and real seashells!
No human giveaway bra parts showing. Just pure, authentic mermaid glamour.
Fully waterproof and designed for mermaid swimming.
Every order is made custom for you!

>>Choose Shell Size: Child, Small or Large 
>>Send a note with:
Bra Size (ex: 34B)
Shell Colors (there are many shades so be specific! ex: turquoise blue with white ombre)
Lining Color (choose Tan or Brown to match your skin tone)
Any other details/customizations?

* Any 1 color with ombre edges
* Nautical Rope straps made of soft cotton
* Comfortable felt lining in either Tan or Brown (made from recycled plastics!)
* Simple pearl design on shell surface
* Waterproof! You can swim in this top just like a bikini! 
* Metallic shimmer paint job
* Biodegradable Glitter! Plant-based & free of microplastics! (also won't shed)
* Adjustable! (Twist the center to adjust width of shells)
* 2 ways to wear: halter top or criss cross the straps in front for an extra special look.

Mermaid Tested & Approved
As functional as it is beautiful! We’ve put our tops through rigorous mermaid testing all over the world: snorkeling in reefs, diving off docks, getting pummeled on the shore and even surfing on a wave machine. 
* Because the rope straps are not stretchy, this top stays where you put it and minimizes wardrobe malfunctions!
* Only 9 oz, very lightweight compared to bulky tops made with heavy Lion’s paw shells. 
* Comfy enough to wear out dancing all night long!
* Durable! Free repairs if yours ever needs some. 
* Your order is gift wrapped and shipped in a shiny gold bubble mailer (so mermaidy!) that you can use to store and transport your Clamkini and other mermaid accessories!

* CHILD shells fits children under 12. Adjustable so they can grow into it! Shells are approx 3-4" in diameter. 
* SMALL shells fits A and B cups. Shells are approx 5" in diameter.
* LARGE shells fits C+ cups. Shells are max 5.5" in diameter. For the Modest Mer who wants more coverage, you can wear your clamkini on top of a bikini. 
* All tops are adjustable! You just twist the rope in the middle to adjust the spacing between the shells. 

Returns and exchanges

You have 7 days after delivery to returns or exchanges
Return items must be send back: 14 days after delivery

Size Chart

Mermaid Tail Size

Mermaid Tail Size



Waist (inch) 

Kids - Small

7 - 9

23 - 26 

Teen/adult - Medium

 10 - 14

 27 - 30 

Adult - Large

15 +

31 - 34  


Mermaid Fin Size 

All our Mermaid tails come with our Aquamermaid monofin that accommodates feet from size 2 to 9. It includes two adjustable straps and a comfortable neoprene cushion insert to perfectly fit small feet. 

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