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Mermaid Bra Tops

Finding a top to match a mermaid tail can be super stressful and expensive! There are so many amazing mermaid tail makers out there, it can feel like your top half gets left behind! But fear no more - we’ve gathered a list of eleven amazing creators who make top - half costumes to match your tail or to match whatever you’d like!

  1. Aquamermaid Tops: 

silicone mermaid bra sportive

About: The world’s largest swimming school, Aquamermaid was formed in 2015 by CEO Mermaid Marielle. Dedicated to spreading the love of mermaids and mermaiding,  the company focuses on mermaid schooling and parties.

Founder: Marielle Chartier Henault

Price Point: Clamkini 65 US Dollars / Custom Silicone top US$190

Unique Features: Made with real clams, this “clamkini” is made with nautical ropes (stolen from a sunken pirate ship). The shells are painted in 3 options of colors, and each one is studded with beautiful little pearls to really help you sparkle. With comfortable felt lining and an adjustable middle part, this beautiful top sparkles in the sun and gleams underwater. Only 9 oz! 

Style: Considered a “clamkini”, the two clams have tiny sunken pearls sewn around the shells as well to make them sparkle. Nautical twisted ropes tie it all together naturally and comfortably. 

Color and Effects: Blue, white, purple. Pearls studded throughout. 

Material; Felt lining, real shell, softened rope. 

Manufacturing Time: Stock available to order right away.

Made in: Canada, Quebec, Montreal



2.) Mermaid Kariel Tops 

Mermaid kariel bra top

About: Mermaid Kariel started mermaiding as a small child. She has taken her childhood dream of being a mermaid to a whole new level, earning the title of “Hawaii's favorite mermaid”. Kariel has written a children’s novel, made many silicone tails, been hired professionally for events and photo shoots all over the United States, and created a unique style of tail and costume!

Founder: Mermaid Kariel

Price Point: 300 - 350 US Dollars

Unique Features: The stretchy silicone that sticks to your skin so comfortably you forget you’re wearing it!

Style: Classic or Custom, based on many aspects of the sea such as shells or seaweed! Hand sculpted by Kariel herself! Skin - colored mesh to blend in with the wearer's tone.

Color and Effects: Glitter, any and all colors, ripples or tactile feelings, glitter or scales added on request! Ombre colors fade naturally into one another. 

Material: Medical - grade silicone. Mesh wraps to tie the tops in place. 

Made In: Hawaii



Tops: ​​ 


3.) Siren Allure 

Siren Allure mermaid bra top silicone

About: Inspired by the legend of Zennor, a Cornish Mermaid tale, Mermaid Hyli attempted to create her own tail out of silicone in 2013. However, her first attempt was a little rough, so instead she downsized to the just as beautiful task of silicone mermaid tops. In 2014 she created the company Siren Allure, and has been producing beautiful and unique tops since!

Founder: Mermaid Hyli

Price Point: Depending on customization; her prices average around 300 US dollars. 

Unique Features: Inspired by much of the sea, there are tops shaped like lily pads, flowers, starfish, seashells, and more. She also has a H20 Just Add Water themed top based on the hit Australian TV show. Strapless, or with straps. Mesh netting is also used often!

Style: Fully customizable, comfortable and made to last in the water. Made with silicone base. Mermaid Princess, H20, Lily Pads, Monstera, Seaweed, Tropical Dream, Angled Scales, Rounded Scales, Nautilus, Coral Cay, Jellyfish, Octopus, Starfish, Veela Feather, Abalone, Fluted Clam, Giant Clam, Lions Paw. Also available add ons with Barnacles, Filigree, Flowers, and more!

Color and Effects: Any and all colors imaginable, made to match a tail if ordered. 

Material: Silicone

Made In: Louisiana, USA

Contact: You can also reach her by DM on Instagram: @sirenallure 


4.) The Mermaid Asylum 

Mermaid Asylum  star fish bra top

About: Based on Instagram, Mermaid Jasmine Seales created the Mermaid Asylum to further her passions in mermaiding. Completely dedicated to marine conservation, Jasmine loves making tops and using her mermaid self to advocate for those without a voice.  

Founder: Mermaid Jasmine Seales

Price Point: Averaging around 150 pounds, there is an extra charge for shipping. 

Unique Features: Starfish, clamkini’s, and inspired by the Disney Princess Ariel. Completely customizable upon request. 

Style: Nautical themed netting and rope decorate the shells and skin with these tops. 

Color and Effects: Glitter and sparkling effects, alongside any colors with an ombre shading. Airbrushed for maximum colors and shades. 

Material: Silicone

Manufacturing Time: Around 10 weeks, with about 3 weeks in shipping time. 

Made In: United Kingdom

Contact: Through Instagram: @mermaid_asylum

5.) Kiki Von Mermaid (MermaidMe) 

Kiki Von Mermaid bra top silicone

About: Kiki Von Mermaid has an absolutely stunning collection - and the best part? She always aims to match your tail colors! She’s best known for her absolutely jaw dropping realistic silicone seaweed wraparounds. 

Founder: Mermaid Von Mermaid

Price Point: 200-400 US Dollars, depending on customization orders. 

Unique Features: Matching tail colors specifically, realistic seaweed wrap arounds made from silicone. 

Style: Custom or premade, these tops are made to match a style of tail!

Color and Effects: Any color, all fully customizable. Hand sculpted by Kiki Von Mermaid

Material: Plastered in silicone

Manufacturing Time: 6-8 Weeks 

Contact: Instagram: @mermaidmekiki or email;


6.) Mertailor 

Mertailor bikini top bra

About: Eric Durcharme first saw mermaids at the famous Weeki Wachee Springs in Florida. Ever since, he wanted to be a mermaid. He has been making all kinds of tails for years, and he is determined to help spread the love of mermaids to anyone and everyone. Mertailor is best known for their fabric or silicone tails, but their tops are gorgeous as well!

Founder: Eric Ducharme

Price Point: 90 to 170 US Dollars depending on silicone or fabric. 

Unique Features: Mertailor creates both silicone tops and fabric tops! They also have a swimsuit line themed around scales and tails. 

Style: Halter or bikini, one piece suits and bottoms as well. Corsets are sold as well, patterned with thick lining to create layered scale effects. 

Color and Effects: Many colors; including Blue, Purple, Green, Red, Black, Gray, White, Yellow, Orange, and rainbows! You can mix and match with their bottoms. 

Material: 72% Polyester/28% Spandex Blend

Manufacturing Time: 3-4 Weeks

Made In: Florida, USA

Contact: or email at


7.) Siren Stitches 

Siren Stitches bra top fairy mermaid

About: Mermaid Amanda got her first mermaid tail from Mertailor in 2017. She began professionally mermaiding in 2018, where she began to do some photoshoots. Then, she built her own tops for those shoots and learned slowly what tops looked best in the lime light (or shall we say underwater light?). It was March of 2020 when she began her shop, just throwing a top out on instagram to see if there was any interest. Sure enough, there was tons of interested merfolk, and thus Siren Stitches was born. 

Founder: Mermaid Amanda

Price Point: 70 to about 125 US dollars depending on customization

Unique Features: Siren Stitches’ most notable rise to fame was her Lotus Bikini top. These beautiful tops are shaped like lotus flowers. Each bikini top is hand stitched by Mermaid Amanda with hand stitching and made to order. Additional lace, beads, pearls, and more are available upon request!

Style: From the classic clamkini style to flowers and leaves, these tops are known for their comfort and durability. 

Color and Effects: Any color is available upon request - the flowers have beautiful shaped petals that turn inwards. Netting, barnacles, pearls, lace, and more are all available as well!

Material: Waterproof fabric and lace backing. 

Manufacturing Time: Around 10 weeks. 

Made In: Florida, USA.

Contact: Mermaid Amanda takes most of her orders via DM on Instagram (@_siren.stitches_), or via her Etsy shop! 


8.) Vancouver Mermaid 

Vancouver Mermaid bra bikini top

About: Since 2006, Mermaid Courtney has been swimming in a tail. Her business got started in 2011, with the inspiration of encouraging anyone to become a mermaid. Her tops were created with comfort and stability in mind - Courtney wanted a top that made her feel comfortable and unworried about a wardrobe malfunction or the occasional nip-slip. Vancouver Mermaid was born really out of inspiration and a want to share the magic of mermaiding!

Founder: Mermaid Courtney 

Price Point: Around 60 CAD, or about 48 US dollars not including shipping

Unique Features: Unlike most mermaid tops, Vancouver Mermaids’ are shaped like a tankini! With wide coverage, the tops are easily picked out in a crowd. They leave a mermaid feeling comfortable and reassured that there won’t be any suffering from unfortunate nip-slips or wardrobe malfunctions! 

Style: Built like a tankini, the top covers the majority of the chest area. It slips on like a shirt, and is very durable. With scale outlines to add its flair, these tops usually rest just about an inch or two above the belly button on most people. 

Color and Effects: The Mermaid crop tops come in all sorts of colors - the basics, to a reach of multicolored and rainbowed. They can be worn out on land with any sort of pairing! 

Material: Made from 88% polyester, 12% spandex performance knit fabric

Manufacturing Time: Around 2-3 weeks including shipping. 

Made In: Canada

Contact: CONTACT , or check out her Instagram! @vancouvermermaid You can also watch some of Mermaid Courtney’s videos on her YouTube Channel! Check her out! 

Website: Vancouver Mermaid - Home

9.) Kaliani’s Creations

Kaliani’s Creations mermaid top sequins shiny

About: Inspired by the beauty of the Ocean surrounding her, Mermaid Kaliani started to make mermaid themed products after leaving her loving pod at HBMermaids. She creates keychains, necklaces, magnets, wine charms, and more! Her most memorable creations are how detailed they are. 

Founder: Mermaid Kaliani

Price Point: 100-500 US Dollars depending on what top you choose

Unique Features: Custom or premade, her tops are hand painted scale by scale. They shimmer beautifully above and below the surface.

Style: Secure and comfortable, the bras hold an extra layer to wrap around your ribs and hold tight. They all sparkle gorgeously and are meant to stand out in the low light of water. 

Color and Effects: Any color is available upon request. 

Material: Pre-made bra, decorated by hand with individual silicone scales. 

Manufacturing Time: Varied depending on customization. Averaging around 4-7 weeks. 

Made In: Hawaii, USA


Website: Kailanis Creations

10.) FinFun Mermaids

finfun mermaid bra top bikini

About: FinFun Mermaids is a company all about beginner mermaiding stages. They have beautiful tails meant for kids or anyone just starting out on their journey with their very own tail! They sell all sorts of mermaiding products, from the tails themselves to accessories to the gorgeous and comfortable matching tops. Formed originally from a pair of loving grandparents wanting to make their granddaughter’s mermaid dreams come true, FinFun is the best place to start your mermaiding journey. 

Founder: Karen and Jerry Browning 

Price Point: Averaging around 15 dollars to 65 dollars depending on product. 

Unique Features: Made to match tails, reversible fabrics to change your style. Made to last through loads of swims!

Style: Repeating, iridescent scales. Also solid colors or ruffles, varies with every kind of style. 

Color and effect: Any colors on the rainbow, also in black, greys, whites, and shimmers. 

Material: Swimmable fabric

Manufacturing Time: Pre-made, and shipping rates vary based on price. If not paying extra for shipping, you can expect it within 5-7 business days. 



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