World Mermaid Championship


The world "most beautiful" underwater sports competition!

Mermaid swimming is a combination of : technical swimming skills, acrobatic figures, breath holding, artistry and mermaid tail costumes. The main movement is a full body wave called dolphin kick.
More than 70 worldwide competitors are gathering to compete and to showcase their mermaid swimming skills. Countries like China, United Kingdom, Russia, Netherlands, Australia, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Belgium, the United States, Canada, Italy, Slovenia, Korea, Israel attended 2019 edition

Competition Format

  1. Compulsory Three movements: Mermaid flat swim, mermaid side swim & mermaid back swim. Three kicks of each movement must be done to be considered completing the competition. Should be finished within 2 min. *no tail, only fins, no special attire, only skill and fluency
  2. Free-style Contestants need to prepare 2 routine within three minutes of music, then according to their own choice of music to design own arrangement of movement, the whole process will consider completing points, difficulty point and artistry point, plus bonus and penalty scores, which constitute a final score.* Penalty for wearing: diving mask, nose clip or goggles.

Competition Categories

KIDS GROUP: 8 to 14 years old
ADULT GROUP 15 years old and up
Mermaid championship age groups kids and adults

Competition Tank

Tank dimensions: 12 meters long, 2.5 meters high
Giant aquarium competition mermaid tank
world mermaid championship china 2019


​​​​​​​Julia Mouce: FREEDIVER Aymerick Pilarski: CINEMATOGRAPHER Kalindava Anne K Adijuwono: ARTIST Yorko Summer: PHOTOGRAPHER Eli Dipp: FREEDIVER

Championship Prizes

Total Cash + prize of ¥200,000 RMB
Potential Career Contract
1.1 Ambassador of Nansha Yacht Club
1.2 Underwater Model Contract with Guangdong Fashion Designer Association 1.3 Performance Opportunity of Genting Cruise Group (Dream Cruise)
1.4 And many more shows, filming, modeling, conservation ambassador, etc
Top 3: Underwater photo shooting package (Value:¥12,000 RMB) sponsor by MissVsea
Top3: Skin Care Package (Value:¥6000 RMB)
Top8: Skin Care Package (Value:¥2000 RMB)
Top16: Trophies, Crowns & Medals
All expense paid trip:
Worldwide Transportation covered. (flight ticket and local transportation)
Official Hotel Covered during the competition
Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be totally covered