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Your First Class

In The Little Mermaid, Ariel yearns for a pair of human legs. But that was just a fairy tale—in real life, everyone yearns for a mermaid tail. At AquaMermaid School, dreams can come true, as human swimmers—adults and kids alike—transform into shimmering, graceful mermaids with the help of artificial tails complete with colorful scales and broad, delicate fins. Before they can glide through the water, though, students have to learn how to swim with the apparatus. During classes or parties, instructors progress from basic tail-swimming lessons to advanced techniques such as underwater choreography. Many times, a course or birthday bash will conclude with a photoshoot, so mermaids can immortalize their new moves and prove their mermaid pedigrees to skeptical seagulls.
Whether you are joining us for your very first mermaid class or have been swimming for years your first visit to our pool is a big deal. We want you to have an awesome experience! AquaMermaid has a friendly, knowledgeable team and a variety of levels, schedules and locations to choose from. However the school is a community and we all contribute to the positive energy.

Preparing for Class

Wear a comfortable bathing suit (one or two pieces are good). Make sure it allows you to move freely. Avoid eating a heavy meal ­2 hours before practice. Tie up your hair to clear your face.

What to bring with you ?

Mermaid essentials such as goggles, swimming cap (according to the pool), towel and a locker should be used. Mermaid tail rentals are included in all classes but are also available for purchase online if you want your own. We recommend bringing a pair of socks for children with smaller feet, as the monofin only come in limited sizes. 

Selecting a Class

At AquaMermaid we divide our classes by age group (7­-13/kids) (14+/adults), swimming level, and pool depth. Please call us and allow one of our Mermaid advisors to help you select an appropriate class, especially if you are brand new to mermaiding. You need to register in advance for a class or a free swim session.

Arriving at the Pool

Give yourself time to check­ in! Arrive 10-­15 minutes prior to the start of class. Get changed and meet us beside the pool and mermaid tails stand. Bring your membership card or your registration receipt.

Entering the Pool

To offer the best learning environment for yourself and your fellow mermaids the only participants are allowed in the pool area. Parents, friends and family can watch the class from the other side of the pool windows in the waiting area. Lockers are available free of charge for your cell phone and other belongings.

Your Practice Experience (Class)

Your mermaid practice is yours, combining fun and sport is our main focus. Do your best to follow the class and listen to your body. If you have any injuries or special conditions we should be aware of please advise your instructor at the beginning of the class. Feel free to ask for simpler or more advance movements for an appropriate challenge.

Leaving the Practice

The 10 last minutes are reserved for free swim and friend and families are invited on the side of the pool to take pictures. Your instructor will be available after class to answer any questions you may have. 
Mermaid tails


Aquamermaid membership is a weekly program with a progressive learning plan over 6 levels. Swimmers will learn many variations of dolphin kick movements through games and challenge. 
The classes are divided in sections including
- Mermaid swimming techniques
- Synchronized  swimming techniques 
- Monofin swimming techniques 
- Mermaid dances and acrobatic movements 
- Endurance, cardio, breathing & speed 
Aquamermaid membership includes :
- Weekly classes with specialized instructors. 
- Mermaid tails rental
Price : $225 for 3 months (monthly payment option: $75/month)
Age groups : 7 to12 years old &  Teen- adults
Montreal: Saturday 12:30 - 2:30PM (3799 Queen Mary rd)
Ottawa : Saturday 6-7PM (YMCA 180 Argyle)
Toronto : Saturday 2:45-4:45PM (23 Grange Rd)
Quebec : Saturday 1:30-3:30PM (5000 Clement Lockquell)
Edmonton : tbd
Chicago : Sunday 10-12PM (UIC, 828 S Wolcott ave)
Las Vegas : Saturday 1-3PM, (Municipal pool, 431E bonanza)
Phoenix:  Saturday 11-1PM (Hilton Tapatio cliff,  11111 N 7th St, Phoenix)
Hollywood, FL: Saturday 2-4pm (Hotel Morrison, 28S Federal Hwy, Dania Beach)
Group Classes Group Classes
Size Chart

Mermaid Tail Size

Mermaid Tail Size



Waist (inch) 

Kids - Small

7 - 9

23 - 26 

Teen/adult - Medium

 10 - 14

 27 - 30 

Adult - Large

15 +

31 - 34  


Mermaid Fin Size 

All our Mermaid tails come with our Aquamermaid monofin that accommodates feet from size 2 to 9. It includes two adjustable straps and a comfortable neoprene cushion insert to perfectly fit small feet. 

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