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Top 10 Mermaid Tail Makers to Buy a Silicone Mermaid Tail From

Buying a silicone mermaid tail is a big investment. There is a lot you need to know about them to make the right choice. Once you know the basics about how to choose a mermaid tail, there are still a lot of options for which mermaid tail maker to choose from. Before you choose who to buy from, make sure to check out our silicone mermaid tail buying guide including 15 things you need to know before buying a mermaid tail!

To help you out, we did the research for you and gathered info about all the tail makers in one place.

While this list is pretty comprehensive, be sure to do your own research as well. We recommend checking out all the tail makers on social media to get a feel for their style. It's also a good idea to contact some mermaids with tails from tail makers you're interested in to find out about their experiences.

In this article, we listed all the major mermaid tail makers, and some smaller ones too. The first section lists the tail makers that are currently taking orders.

The second section lists tail makers who aren't currently taking orders. You can still check them out for inspiration or sign up for their wait list if they have one. Please be sure to check with the tail makers to confirm if they're currently taking orders or not.

1. AquaMermaid 

About the company: AquaMermaid started as a mermaid swimming school chain. Marielle, the founder, had trouble finding tails that stood up to the rigorous tests beginner mermaids put the tails through, so she designed her own brand of fabric tails. Soon after, she partnered with a local designer in Montreal and began making her dream silicone tail design.
Founder: Marielle Chartier

Price: starting at $1350 for silicone tail, $675 for hybrid silicone/neoprene tail

CLICK HERE to see the full silicone mermaid tails
CLICK HERE to see the AquaGlitter hybrid silicone & sequin mermaid tails

Style: Lifelike details including rays & nerves on an extra-large fluke. 1 round scale pattern and 2 fluke design option with a dented or smooth contour. Unique features: Tails were designed for the traveling mermaid with small monofin and flexible fluke. Easily foldable in a suitcase. Affordable price and short turn around time. Silicone reinforced with power mesh. 
Color and effects: All colors available, beading brilliance, iridescence, gradients, airbrush pigment is blended inside the silicone (no peeling paint). 
Monofin: AquaMermaid monofin 
Material100% of dragon skin silicone
Manufacturing timeRegular order for 4 weeks. Express order 7 days
Made in: Canada (Quebec) since 2015.
Customer service in: English or French 
1-year limited warranty for manufacturing defects. Customer must pay the shipping fees.  
Famous mermaids with this tail: Penelope Cruz, Mermaid Marielle, Oikos yogurt commercial.

Aquamermaid tail

Aquamermaid silicone mermaid tails red gold blue


2. Mertailor 

About the company: The founder, Eric, dreamed of being a merman since he first saw a mermaid swimming at Weeki Wachee Springs in Florida. He’s been making tails his whole life from a variety of materials. He says “I won’t stop until my tails look as real as the fish swimming in our ocean reefs.  I want to make my tails available to every aspiring mermaid and merman who dream of life in the sea just as I do”. Inexpensive line of realistic looking silicone mermaid tails. Multiple fluke designs to choose from.
Founder: Eric Durcharme
Price point: Spellbound tails start at $1350
Unique features: Eliminated the need for an additional monofin by using a single pour silicone monofin that is built into the tail. No 3rd party integrated monofin is required. 
Style: lifelike bright & tropical, or masculine & dark options. 1 scale pattern available with intricate detail & dimension. 8 fluke shape options.
Color and effectsSimple to complex -your design/our interpretation or can be designed just for you. Colors custom blended, color shifting & glitter coat accents available.
Materialsilicone with scuba knit lining
Manufacturing time: 26-30 weeks
Made in: USA (Florida) since 2003. 
Warranty: 30 days 
Famous mermaids with this tail: Lady Gaga, Recording Artist Kerli, T-Pain, Disney, SNL, Queens of Ru-Pauls Drag Race, Germany's Next Top Model, "Scales" the movie, Merman Eric, numerous TV and commercial appearances.

mertailor Silicone mermaid tail

Mertailor Silicone mermaid tail

3. Mernation 

About the company: Erin worked as a dive master at Florida Aquarium in Tampa and developed their mermaid program. Together with Michael, they cofounded Mernation and began making silicone tails. Offer a fully customizable color & design, multiple fluke options, and scale patterns. Founder: Erin Gallagher

Price: starting at $1000
Monofin: choose between a Finis Wave or Rapid monofin
Style: classic mermaid designs or fully customized, made with dragon skin silicone. 


8 different fluke shape designs currently available. Flukes can be modified upon request. Custom sculpts available. 

scale options (round, scalloped, plated) or smooth skin 

(like a dolphin) also available. 
Color and effectsUnlimited customization, color shifting pigments, designs, additional fins, glitter, etc. 
Unique features: Thick reinforced waist, knees, and heels. Drainage vents in all flukes. 
Manufacturing time: 3-10 weeks
Made in: Florida, USA since 2013
Famous mermaids with this tail: Magic crafter, Siren TV show live events, Budweiser, Kanye West, Lifetime TV, Missred Clothing Outfitters, various aquariums, various cruise ships  

mernation Silicone mermaid tail

Mernation Silicone mermaid tail


4. Merrowfins  

About the company:MerrowFins is a company specializing in underwater prosthetics, specifically, fully functional mermaid and merman tails, for children and adults” FounderMatthew Quijano

Price: Basic starting from $600, Partial Silicone starting from $1000, Full Silicone starting from $2700
Unique features: Tails were designed for the traveling mermaid/merman with small monofin and flexible fluke. 
Monofin: monofin is a polyurethane plastic made to bend and is relatively small but powerful that is meant to provide propulsion.
Style: hyper-realistic scale design, fluke designs from classic to whimsical to totally unique & customized. Option for individual scales with no side seam
Made in: USA (Florida)
Manufacturing time: 24 weeks
Famous mermaids with this tail:

Merrow fins Silicone mermaid tail

merrow fins Silicone mermaid tail


5. Mermaid Amatheia 

About the company: Their mission is to “create custom mermaid tails that honor the natural beauty of aquatic life across the world”. In addition to making tails, they advocate for healthy water ecosystems. Each tail is unique and inspiration can be drawn from any fish or marine life. Founder: Amanda Eccleston

Price: Starting at $1900 ($2500 CAD)
Style: Multiple fluke shapes to choose from, super realistic individual scales with no side seam.
Unique features: Easy to use and well design website with a custom color chart so it’s easy to clearly communicate your design vision
Made in: British Columbia, Canada
Famous mermaids with this tail: Mermaid Quintessence, Mermaid Lunasea

amatheia Silicone mermaid tail

amatheia Silicone mermaid tail

6. Sirenalia 

About the company: “Sirenalia is an all-inclusive mermaid production company dedicated to making mermaid dreams come true. We make appearances at parties, resorts, aquariums and in tv/film, and we transform normal people into magical mermaids! Sirenalia is dedicated to raising awareness about our fellow marine-life, working with disadvantaged youth, and using our striking imagery to make the world a better place.” Founder: Maria Russo

Price: starting at $2000
Style: Classic tail shape with many candy-colored designs
Monofin: Includes a finis monofin
Unique features: Silicone tails for kids available.
Warranty:  covers any scratches or tears in the silicone for the first year. 
Made in: Texas, USA
Manufacturing time: 8-10 weeks
Famous mermaids with this tail: N/A

Sirenalia Silicone mermaid tail

Sirenalia Silicone mermaid tail

7. Mermaid Katshop 

About the company: “As an international professional mermaid, underwater stunt woman, freediving instructor, scuba diving instructor, and mermaid trainer, the name “Mermaid Kat” stands for experience, professionalism, and safety.” FounderKatrin Gray

Price: starting at $1500
Style: delicate & ornate scalloped scale design. Offers 6 fluke shapes and 3 scale options including smooth (like dolphin skin)
Monofin: Mermaid Kat Hydra (free diving level)
Color and effects: All colors available, color changing effects available
Made in: Australia, Germany, Since 2013. Customer service in English & German.
Manufacturing time: 4-10 weeks
Warranty: 1 year for manufacturing defects
Famous mermaids with this tail: Mermaid Kat

katshop Silicone mermaid tail
katshop Silicone mermaid tail

8. See Through Sea

About the company: “See Through Sea is run by husband and wife team, Jim and Alicia Ward. This couple's love for the ocean brought them together and Jim and Alicia  are dedicated to ocean conservation and the art of underwater storytelling.”

Price: starting at $3500
Style: naturalistic and eco-friendly. Multiple flukes, scale, and additional fin designs to choose from. 6 different fluke designs, 2 scales options available. 
Unique features: A portion of each sale goes towards cleaning up the ocean
Made in: Hawaii, USA
Famous mermaids with this tail: Julianne Hough, Nina Dobrev

See Through Sea

See Through Sea mermaid tails

9. Siki Red Fins 

About the company: “These creations are custom made designs created with materials used in special effects industries to make realistic looking movie prosthetics. What makes these mer-tails special is that every single design, both scales and fins/fluke, was hand-sculpted in clay and is very unique and different.”

Price: starting at 2000 gpb (about $2678USD)

Style: alternative, dark, creepy. Realistic transparent fins & fluke makes it easier to get on. Offers 2 fluke designs and 2 scale options. 100% customizable designs 
Made in: UK
Famous mermaids with this tail: N/A

Siki Red Fins

Siki Red Fins mermaid tails

10. Mermaid Citrine

Price point: Varies
Unique features: 
Monofin: any fin can be used but prefer hydra
Color and effectsopaque, translucent, iridescent, metallic or non-metallic 
Manufacturing time: 4-6 weeks 
Made in:  Hawaii, USA since 2011 

Mermaid Citrine tails

Mermaid Citrine tails

11. Merthology Creations 

About the Company: Merthology Creations started in the UK when they realized there were a lack of affordable silicone tails available in Europe. Now with years of experience, Merthology aims to make some of the highest quality tails. They were one of UK's top mermaid tail producers until moving to Spain. Founders: Bernie & Samantha

PriceStarting at $1850 
Style: 12 standard fluke designs available and 2 'suitcase/travel' fluke designs, 2 scale design options
Unique Features:
 6 - 10 weeks of manufacturing time, drainage system. Customer service available in English & Spanish.
Made in: Spain since 2013

Merthology Creations mermaid tails

Merthology Creations mermaid tails

12. @Dmitry.arts

Made in: USA

The following tail makers exist but are currently NOT available to take orders.

12. Evatails

The base tail comes with a monofin, scales, heel fins, and a tail fin.  It can be painted in up to three colors.100% Dragon Skin Platinum Cure Silicone wait 2-3 months for the tail to be constructed and shipped.

Made in: Russia

13. Finfolk Productions 

Price: Starting at $5500
Style: known for their vibrant paint jobs and HUGE flukes. They offer individual scales on their silicone tails too and have multiple fluke designs to choose from, or can custom design your own fluke style (additional).
Made in: Hawaii, USA
Famous mermaids with this tail: Mermaid Jules, Mermaid Hyli, Syrena Singapore Mermaid
 Finfolk Productions silicone mermaid tail

Finfolk Productions silicone mermaid tail

14. Fliptails  

Designer: Mike van Daal (Jack Sparrow character imitation)
Price: Starting at $3700 for the base model
Custom monofin
Made in: Michigan, USA
Famous mermaids with this tail: Mermaid Melissa, Nicki Minaj, divine mermaid

 Flip tails silicone mermaid tail

Flip tails silicone mermaid tail

15. Tails of Art

About the companyMermaid Kariel is best known for her sequin mermaid tails, she creates artistic silicone mermaid tails as well. 
Price: Starting at $5000
Made in: Hawaii, USA
Famous mermaids with this tail: Mermaid Hales, Mermaid Kariel

Tails of art Kariel silicone mermaid tailTails of art Kariel silicone mermaid tail

16. Beauty & Brine  

Founder: Amy Lamphere

Price: Starting at $2500
Style: Her signature style is very ornate and adorned in faux pearls, starfish and other aquatic decorations
Made in: USA (South Dakota)
Famous mermaids with this tail: Mermaid Sadie

Beauty and Brine silicone mermaid tail

 Beauty and Brine silicone mermaid tail

17. Got Mermaid

Price: Starting at $1100
Style : 100% seamless. Noticeably large scales
Made in: USA (Washington)

Got mermaid silicone mermaid tail

Got mermaid silicone mermaid tail

18. Mermaid Regalia

About the company: "Tracy Falukozi is a Mad Scientist and Mermaid the artist. She has combined her professional experience as a special effects artist in the film industry and a Bachelor of Science degree to establish Mermaid Regalia. She creates whimsical, vividly colored, durable, high-grade silicone mermaid tails that are equal parts functional and stunning works of art."

Price: Starting at $2500
Style: Breathtakingly realistic details inspired by real marine shapes and mermaid myths. The tails come with very durable Waves Rapid monofins
Design: "Tracy draws her creative inspiration from the breathtaking beauty of the nearby mountains as much as from the jeweled fish of the sea. Be it the bold hues of a mountain sunrise, or subtler melding transition of colors dancing in a glacial river; all influence the chromatic choices for her personal tails and designs"
Made in: Alberta, Canada since 2015

Mermaid Regalia silicone mermaid tail

Mermaid Regalia silicone mermaid tail

19. House of Mer

Price: Starting at $1850
Made in: USA
Famous mermaids with this tail: Vero Beach Mermaid, Mermicorn

 House of mer silicone mermaid tailHouse of mer silicone mermaid tail 

20. Merbella Studios 

About the company: "Merbella studio is a leading provider of high quality, completely custom, hyper-realistic designer mermaid tails and fashion accessories. Each tail, a true work of art, begins as a detailed sketch from the talented mind of Raven Sutter. She then custom sculpts each tail element to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece, which is then cast in performance grade silicone and meticulously painted to flawlessly combine Raven's vision with each mermaid's desires. Raven also performs in her own tank along with the husband Tyler Sutter as part of The Live Mermaid Exhibit & Show."

Price: Starting at $3400
Style: MerBella Studio has some of the most visually stunning and realistic looking tails available on the market.
Made in: USA
Famous mermaids with this tail: Mermaid Raven, Weeki Wachee annual calendar, Bridgette Everett in Bobcat Goldthwait's Misfits and Monsters, Raina Halifax Mermaid


Merbella Studio silicone mermaid tail

Merbella Studio silicone mermaid tail

21. Mermaid Jessica Dark Siren Production 

About the company: Bringing Mythology to life... Mermaid tails are custom made from platinum cure dragon skin silicone and include a monofin. 

Price: varies
Made in: USA (Florida)
Famous mermaids with this tail: Mermaid Alasea

Dark siren silicone mermaid tail

22. Syren studios  

Price: Starting at $2000
Style: Unique scale and fluke designs.
Made in: USA
Famous mermaids with this tail: Katja Mermaid of the Circus Siren Pod, Mermaid Katey of Ohio Mermaids

Syren studio silicone mermaid tail

Syren studio silicone mermaid tail

23. Creature fins  

Price: Starting at $4000
Style: Darker vibe, predatory accents, super long & unique Kaiju fluke

Creature fin silicone mermaid tail 

With this comprehensive list of mermaid tail makers you don't have to wonder, 'where do you buy mermaid tails?'. There are so many options to choose from! Enjoy the process of choosing the right mermaid tail for you!


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