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Mermaid Toys

Mermaids have always stolen the hearts of us humans being a focus in art and mythology throughout the ages. But they grew even more in popularity after the release of the Disney movie The Little Mermaid. Now children are obsessed with these magical creatures that dwell in the sea.

One of the treats of childhood was playing with toys. Toys can occupy kids for hours, helping them cultivate their imagination by allowing them to create all kinds of stories. So, it only makes sense that mermaid toys would be a thing!

Whether it’s dolls, stuffed animals, or swim toys, here are some toys that are sure to please any mermaid-loving child!

Table of Content:

  1. Mermaid pool toys
  2. Little Mermaid toys
  3. Barbie mermaid toys
  4. Mermaid bath toys
  5. Mermaid dolls that swim
  6. Mermaid play-set
  7. Mermaid cuddly toys
  8. Mermaid dive toys
  9. Lego mermaid toys
  10. Mermaid arts and crafts for kids


Mermaid pool toys

Regular dolls are not designed to be used in pools. The chlorine and water can destroy them. But there are toys specifically made for being played with in pools.

Waterproof dolls, aquatic animals and seashell toys are all great for mermaid games. Here is a list of some fun pool toys for mermaids.

Mermaid dive toys

3 pool mermaid toys

These mermaid dive toys can be played with as dolls, but also can be used for a fun diving challenge. This mermaid set by Bonzai includes three waterproof mermaid dive toys/dolls. They can be played with, in or out of the pool. This pack costs around $10. Each mermaid has a different tail and hair color. Bonzai also makes some gemstone dive toys, which can be used as treasure in a game of mermaids and pirates!


Sea creature dive toys set

Another idea for mermaid dive toys is this fun set of sea creatures that you can catch with a net. Many fun games can be made up with these. They could be used for a diving challenge, but here’s another fun way to play with them. If there are several kids, one child can catch the sea creatures in their net, and the rest of the kids can try to rescue the sea creatures, like a game of tag or capture the flag.


Purple and blue inflatable mermaid tail floatie

Inflatable sea creatures/flotation devices- Inflatable sea creatures are perfect for playing a game where you pretend to be mermaids. Kids can pretend to talk to the sea creatures like a mermaid would. You can find a sea turtle or dolphin to be a mermaid’s companion. Some great flotation devices would be great for little mermaids in the pool.  Such as a mermaid tail floatie or this adorable sea turtle floatie that you can ride on like a boat!


Little Mermaid toys

The Little Mermaid is a beloved movie that follows the adventures of a mermaid who is curious about the human world and goes looking for love. The film has captivated and inspired children who gravitate toward all things magical. For the kids whose favourite princess is Ariel, here are some fun toys!


Collage of Ariel toys for kids

Just Play Disney Princess Ariel Styling Head- This Little Mermaid styling head will allow a child to get creative with their hairstyling skills! They can practice braids and other styles fit for a mermaid! This 14-piece set includes Ariel, some accessories, hair ties, and a hairbrush. This toy costs $24.99.

Disney Princess Rainbow Reveal Ariel- This Ariel Doll is special because she comes with a flexible tail that changes color when dipped in warm water. The flexible nature of the tail allows for kids to make the doll do a dolphin kick motion. Her colorful tail comes in pastel shades of blue and purple. She has realistic hair that can be brushed and styled. This toy costs $14.95.

Disney Princess Deluxe Ariel Baby Doll Includes Tiara and Bottle­- Here’s a great doll for a younger child who loves The Little Mermaid. This baby Ariel doll provides fun for kids 2 and above. She comes with a tiara and baby bottle and has realistic red hair that can be styled. The price of this toy is $14.95.

Disney Princess Ariel and Prince Eric Collectible Small Doll - This is the perfect travel-sized mermaid toy! These Ariel and Eric dolls could fit in the pocket of a child. Dress Ariel as a mermaid or cover her tail in a beautiful purple and blue ball gown! This set costs $12.94.

Disney Princess Sing & Sparkle Ariel Doll- This Ariel doll with a tail has a magical necklace that makes her sing two different songs! She will say phrases and sing songs like “Part of Your World” and “Under The Sea” while her sparkly tail lights up. She comes with long flowy red hair adorning a purple and blue tiara. The cost is $34.88.


Barbie mermaid toys

Barbie dolls first came out in 1959. Over the years we’ve seen Barbie be a doctor, a vet, a teacher, a princess, a mom, and so much more! It’s no surprise that the company responsible for Barbies would capitalize on the love children have for mythical creatures like fairies and mermaids. Here are the best mermaid Barbie dolls!


 Barbie mermaid toys

Barbie Dreamtopia dolls- Barbie Dreamtopia is an animated kids' show full of fantastical creatures like mermaids. It inspired a line of barbie dolls. There are so many options to choose from! They all have beautiful tails with vibrant colors and patterns. They have realistic hair that can be styled. They can also bend at the waist and rotate their arms. You’ll even find light-up mermaid dolls! They range from around $20.

Barbie color reveal mermaid- This mermaid doll is full of surprises! You have no idea which color you will get until you open the package. Then you can submerge the mermaid in water to reveal the color and design. There are six different colors you could get. This doll also comes with a little pouch that contains a hairbrush, bracers, a tail fin, and a crown. Get one for $16.89.


Barbie Mermaid Dolls Based on the Movies

Barbie Dolphin Magic Transforming Mermaid Doll: 

Barbie mermaid toy

Getting into the world of the Barbie movies, here we have a doll from the newest Barbie mermaid movie - Dolphin Magic! While vacationing on a beautiful island resort, Barbie meets the mysterious mermaid Isla, who transforms from human to mermaid. Just like her doll! She also comes with a water-friendly dolphin friend, and we found a listing for her on Amazon! Check it out! 


Barbie in a Mermaid Tale Merliah Doll

Barbie mermaid toy

Barbie in a Mermaid Tale is officially ten years old as of last year, can you believe that? Since it’s now a little dated, this doll from the hit movie leans more towards the “hidden treasure” side of collecting. If you can stomach a hefty price ($225), this doll on Amazon is of Merliah in both her human and mermaid form! Pull her hoodie down and watch her tail flourish. Check it out here!


Barbie in A Mermaid Tale ( 2010 ) | Official Trailer

Mermaid bath toys

For a kid, a bath isn’t just a means of getting clean. It is transporting into a magical water world. And mermaids love baths! I always had fun playing with bath toys as a kid. I’ve definitely brought a mermaid doll in the tub before. But not all toys are meant to be used in the bath! Here are some toys that can be used in the bathtub without being damaged.


Mermaid bath toys


Bloopies Mermaid Luna- This soft and squishy rubber mermaid toy features beautiful yellowtail with pink accents and a clamshell bikini top. When squeezed she can blow bubbles and squirt water from her mouth. Her tail has a color-changing effect when placed in the water. She even comes with a little starfish friend! This bath doll costs $9.98.

Sunisery Kid Girls Waterproof Swimming Mermaid Doll With Comb-With a bendable waist, these mermaid dolls can flip their fins! They are waterproof, so they can be played with, in the bathtub! Kids can practice washing and styling these dolls’ hair. Each one comes with her own hairbrush. Get one for $8.99.

Mermaid Family- Enjoy this happy little mermaid family in the bathtub! This set of rubber mermaids includes a mama mermaid, whose tail makes a little boat for the baby mermaids to sit on. It’s adorable, fun, waterproof, and it can float. Get them all for $8.98.


Mermaid dolls that swim

I remember the excitement of a mermaid doll that could swim! It’s magical to see a mermaid doll take off through the water, flipping her fins as she swims away! One fun thing about mermaid dolls that swim is that if you have more than one you can make them race each other! Here are some of the best mermaid swimming toys.


Swimming mermaid toys

Disney Princess Swimming Adventures Ariel- This Ariel doll has a tail that detects when it is placed in water. When submerged, this doll will start flipping her fins! She has Ariel’s signature bright red hair! It is realistic and can be brushed and styled. This mermaid toy costs $20.99.

Banzai Splash 'n Go Mermaid Bath Toy- Wind up this doll’s tail and watch her swim! No batteries are necessary. This small mermaid toy can be played with in, the bath or in a pool. Her purple tail comes with realistic 3D scales. Her hair is red like Ariel’s, and she wears a seashell top. Her arms can rotate so there are several different positions she can swim in. This toy costs just $10.99.

Swimming Baby Mermaid Here  is an excellent toy for a baby to play with in, the tub! She’s an adorable and happy baby mermaid that flips her fins when you pull on her tiara! This swimming doll costs $9.99.


Mermaid play-Set

Mermaid play-sets are so much fun because they usually come with a fortress of some kind, and a larger selection of pieces. Get into the environment of a mermaid with a play-set. You could have one with a castle, a playground, a nursery, an underwater grotto, etc. So much scope for the imagination! Here are the best ones!

Mermaid play sets


Disney Store Ariel's Palace Play-set- Kids can act out the plot of the Little Mermaid with this fun playset! This miniature play-set comes with ten pieces. It includes Ariel’s palace, Ariel, Flounder, Sebastian in a bassinet, a starfish, a clamshell with a cushion, a dinglehopper, some coral reef, a shell vanity, and a mysterious figure in a foil pouch. It costs $27.95.

Barbie Dreamtopia Mermaid Nursery Play-set And Dolls- This adorable playset comes with three mermaids! A grown mermaid, a baby mermaid, and a little kid mermaid. Kids can help mermaid Barbie care for her little children in this mermaid nursery that has a slide and swing. The set also includes a baby bottle, a water squirt toy, and a clamshell chair. This set costs $29.99.

Barbie Chelsea Doll Mermaid Play-set- This set comes with a fun mermaid playground! The under-the-sea-style castle includes a seashell swing and a spiral slide. The Chelsea doll has long, straight, pink hair, and a tail that fades from blue to pink and has yellow on the fins. The mermaid doll comes with a little friend – a mer-bear! This set costs $18.89.


Mermaid cuddly toys

These mermaid toys are made out of soft material and are meant to be hugged! Having a cuddly toy can really help soothe an upset child. A mermaid cuddly toy can be a child’s friend and comfort item. Here are some great cuddly mermaids.


Mermaid plush toys


Carter’s Mermaid Activity Toy- This soft plush toy is not only fun to cuddle, but it can be played with like a doll and also comes with some stimulating activities for babies and toddlers. It has little tabs to grab and feel and some rattly plastic pieces to entertain a baby or toddler. You can’t help but smile when you see the happy face on this little mermaid toy! It costs $8.21.

Mermaid dog stuffed animal- Based on the sensational doggy star Boo, this mermaid dog will not disappoint! It is soft and cuddly, magical, and adorable. Only five inches long, this mer-dog makes the perfect travel buddy! Get this cutie for $16.99

Ariel, the TY Plush Doll: 

TY, the home of the ever loved Beanie Babies and many other plushies has its own little Ariel doll. This doll is all plush; perfect for someone who wants to snuggle up with their mermaid and take it with them on car rides or any adventure. A comforting presence just like the movie can be, you can buy this version of Ariel straight from their website for $18.99!  Take a look here! 

Plush mermaid with purse- This cute little soft mermaid

toy can be played with in imaginative games and even snuggled. She has a sparkly sequin tail and a matching top. She can be brought anywhere since she comes with a bag that has her image on it! She costs $18.97

Caribbean mermaid plush doll- This mermaid plush toy comes fully accessorized! Along with her beautiful tail, she has a starfish top, hairpiece, and pearl necklace. She has soft yarn hair that can be brushed and styled. Her smile is sure to make you smile! It costs $14.99.


Lego mermaid toys

What kid doesn’t love Legos? What started as a loose set of bricks in 1962 has turned into a sensational brand of building toys for kids! There are so many options now. Build your own world with Legos and play with the little figurines they also make. You better believe there are mermaid Legos as well!


Lego Ariel play-set

LEGO Little Mermaid Building Kit-Open up this little treasure chest to find a magical world with Ariel and her friends! This Lego set comes with Ariel, Eric, Sebastian, and Flounder. You get 105 pieces to play with! Build Ariel’s underwater palace that includes a bed and a sliding board. Get it all for $29.99.


Lego Ariel play-set


LEGO Disney Ariel’s Celebration Boat- This Little Mermaid Lego set comes with 114 fun pieces to play and build with. Kids can cultivate their storytelling skills by creating scenarios with Ariel, Eric, Max, Sebastian, and Flounder. This set includes an underwater music stage and some instruments, a boat, and an altar, all of which kids can have fun putting together.


Mermaid arts and crafts for kids

Creativity is an important skill for children to develop. These arts and craft kits will help children harness their artistic side while keeping them active and entertained.


Mermaid potions kit

Mermaid potion kit- With this art kit, kids can concoct their own magical potions! Materials are included to mix up a magic mermaid elixir that can be used as a decoration or turned into a necklace. This kit costs $31.90.

Mermaid garden toy

Mermaid garden- Instill a love of horticulture in kids with this mini garden that can be decorated to look like it belongs to a mermaid. For just $9.99 you get a little planter, colorful sand, seeds, a mermaid tail, seashell decoration, some pearls and gems, and some mermaid stickers.


Paint your own mermaid bank

Paint Your Own Mermaid Bank- It’s a good idea to teach kids about saving money at a young age. But to make it more fun, get them this mermaid tail-shaped bank that comes with paint and a sequin sleeve to give the tail some scales and color. This kit costs $9.97.


Enjoy the fun and magic of mermaid toys! They make the best gifts for little kids. Be sure to bring smiles to the face of a child.

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