Princess Party Ideas

Princess Party Ideas

When you think of a princess you think of grace, beauty, kindness, classiness, and power. It’s no wonder so many little girls dream of being one! It’s not uncommon for children to be infatuated with all things princess. Princesses get to wear beautiful dresses and exude power and confidence.

Princess toys and costume dresses are huge sellers for kids. There is a whole market based around princess stuff! Naturally, princess parties are a common choice for little kids who have a birthday coming up.

Having a princess-themed party is a great way to activate kids’ imaginations and provide them with a fun, fancy, and memorable time. Here are some tips for throwing an exquisite princess party, including costumes, makeup, music, dances, crafts, food, and performers.


Table of contents:
1. Princess party food
2. Princess party costumes
3. Princess party crafts
4. Princess party games
5. Princess party music
6. Princess party decorations
7. Princess party performer
8. Princess tea party 


1. Princess party food

One of my favorite things about going to a party is getting free food! Whether you provide full meals or just snacks, it is important for there to be something for guests to eat. Eating is an enjoyable activity, but the food can also match the theme.

Princess cupcakes

Princess cupcakes

There’s gotta be cake at a party! If you don’t want to do a cake, cupcakes will do! Here are some lovely cupcakes with different Disney princesses and a ballgown of frosting!

Fruit wands 

Princess wand made of fruit

Princess stories go hand in hand with fairytales. We grow up learning stories about fairies, royalty, and magic! So wands fit in well with a princess-themed party. It’s also good to have some healthy snack options!

Princess popcorn

Popcorn is a great snack to munch on. You can transform regular popcorn into a tasty and pretty treat! Find out how to make this princess popcorn here.


2. Princess party costumes

2 girls in princess costumes

In my humble opinion, no party is better than one where you get to dress up! So, encourage guests to dress up in their fanciest outfit or princess dress. Not everyone has access to costumes so it is also a good idea to have a costume station. Check your local thrift store to see if you can find any fancy dresses and accessories. Here are some pieces that make a great princess costume:


Little girl in ballerina tutu

Tutus may be associated with ballerinas, as opposed to princesses, however, they are still a great option for a princess party. Ballet and princesses are intertwined with characters such as the Swan Princess and the Sugar Plum princess from Barbie and the Nutcracker.

Tutus are fun and fancy and make an easy costume. You can make your own with just a few materials. Here is a great tutorial for that! Or buy one here.


Ball gowns

Little girl princess costume

Ball gowns are a classic princess staple! If it’s in your budget, this makes the perfect costume for a princess party. It’ll make you feel like a real princess! They are also very fun to twirl around in. Here is a great dress.



Child's princess tiara

Princesses all need a tiara! And what’s a tiara without any sparkle? The sparklier the tiara, the better. There are so many beautiful designs out there. Here is one that we love!


Silk or lace gloves

Lace princess gloves

Fancy gloves will make you feel so elegant! We’re not talking about winter gloves! We’re talking about the ones you see the pretty formal ones worn by royalty. The ones that go up to your elbows, or the lacey ones. Here are two lovely pairs of gloves to go with your princess ensemble.



Casual princess outfit

If you don’t want to go all out you can go with an easier option, which is a casual dress that is designed to look like a princess dress. These are for everyday wear, but also fit in perfectly for a princess party. Here is one for example.


3. Princess party crafts

Princess crow decorating craft

For a kid's birthday party you’ll need to plan lots of fun activities. Creative activities like crafts are a great way to engage kids and provide them with a take-home souvenir! They’ll surely remember your princess party because they’ll have a fun reminder of it. Here are some great craft ideas.

Decorate tiaras- as mentioned above, tiaras are pretty important for princesses. This is a great craft that also provides kids with an important costume piece. You can buy little tiaras made of paper or plastic and have the kids decorate them with gems, glitter glue, sparkles, and pearls. Try shopping at a craft store such as Michaels or A.C Moore. You might even be able to find the materials at the dollar store.


4. Princess party games

Kids playing musical chairs

As mentioned above, kids need to be kept occupied through fun activities. What’s more fun than a game? Here are some games to keep the kids active and show them some fun!

Freeze dance- I remember playing this game at parties as a kid. Who doesn’t love grooving to some music! Kids will have fun twirling around and dancing in their costumes while the music plays, then freezing their pose when the music stops.

Pin the crown on the princess- This is based on the game Pin the tail on the donkey. Instead of a poster board with a donkey that you try to pin a tail to while blindfolded, you would have a princess without a crown. Each kid would get a paper cut out of a crown that they have to try to paste onto the princesses head while they are blindfolded. Whoever gets the closest wins.

Musical chairs- This classic game will get the kids groovin’ and movin’. Arrange chairs in a circle. When you play the music the kids have to walk in a circle around the chairs. There should be one chair less than the number of kids. When the music stops they have to scramble to sit down in a chair. Whoever can’t get a chair in time is out. Then you will remove a chair and repeat the process until there’s one winner!


5. Princess party music

Family dancing in the living room

It would be too quiet at a party if there were no music! Music is fun because it creates some ambiance and allows for dancing to take place. Who doesn’t love busting a dance move? Feeling the rhythm in your body and expressing it is a wonderful thing. Dancing is another fun activity for a party. Here are the best music choices for a kids’ princess party.

  • Classical music for a classy princess party
  • Disney princess songs
  • Barbie princess songs


6. Princess party decorations

For an over-the-top princess party, you’ll want to decorate accordingly. It sets the atmosphere when you create a stunning party scene that matches the theme. Decorations can be found at craft stores, department stores, and online shops. If you’re feeling creative you could also try making your decorations.

  • Welcome sign:

Princess party welcome sign

  • Balloons:

Pink decorative balloons

  • Table set: 

Princess plate and cup set

  • Center-piece:

Table center piece


7. Princess party performer

Princess Ariel cosplay

Who wouldn’t want to spend time with a princess? Kids love visiting princesses from their favourite Disney movies. You can hire a professional princess performer to attend your child’s party and spread some cheer and magic!

What do princess performers do? Well, they lead crafts and games, dance and sing, read stories, and entertain children through their princess acting skills.


 8. Princess tea party

Pink tea set

What’s quainter and more magical than a princess tea party? Different from a princess party, a tea party incorporates elements of a regular princess party, such as dressing up, but it maintains a more formal and classy style. Children love getting the chance to sip tea and hold out their pinkies and pretend to be royalty.

Princess tea parties should involve a fancy tea set. Ceramic is good, but be careful with younger kids. For the tea set just imagine Mrs. Potts and Chip from Beauty and the Beast. Tea set

You’ll want to brew some English tea and have creamer in a fancy receptacle, along with a dish of sugar cubes. To make sugar cubes you just combine a little sugar with water until it is a pasty consistency. Then you spread it out to a quarter-inch thickness on a pan and let it dry. When it is hardened you can break it apart into chunks.

To decorate the table for a princess tea party you’ll want a nice table cloth, lacey placemats, and flowers.

Snacks for a tea party include anything petite, like finger sandwiches and pastries.


These are all the tips for a fantastical princess party that kids will have a blast attending!

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