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Aqua Mermaid

Silicone Mermaid Tails

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If you're seriously considering becoming a professional mermaid, or just want the most authentic mermaid experience, you need a silicone mermaid tail by AquaMermaid!

Professional, swimmable silicone mermaid tails with a customizable color scheme and design.


  • This silicone mermaid tail is made with the highest quality silicone with a thin layer of power mesh fabric inside the silicone for comfort, strength, and durability. 
  • Made to fit your exact measurements so it fits like a second skin
  • The option of 5 mermaid fin (fluke) designs
  • Your choice of 3 colors. *Additional fee for extra colors or special patterns/designs
  • Your choice of solid or blended silicone colors
  • Your choice of matte, shine gloss, or iridescent finish
  • Built-in AquaMermaid monofin with foot pockets for optimal speed, power, and agility in the water
  • Foldable fluke to fit in a suitcase. Perfect for traveling!

Customize your silicone mermaid tail with additional details:

  • You have many options for additional fins, fluke shapes, silicone bra, bracers, colors, and designs
  • We can create a new mold with your own fluke shape!

-> Detailed pricing and options

Get your mermaid tail ready in only 6-8 weeks ! Unbeatable manufacturing time!

Rush orders can be made in 14 days. Extra fees will apply.

Easy payment by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), PayPal, or wire transfer.

For more details or to order your silicone mermaid tail, email: and we will send you a detailed quote.

My name is:
Shipping address:
Phone number:

My Mermaid tail design:

  • Your choice of 3 colors:
  • Fluke size: Basic, Medium, Large, XL Large
  • Fluke contour finishing: Smooth, Large dented tips
  • Extra colors or special patterns/designs:
  • Extra fins: 3 pairs of small side teeth, pair of dragon wings, dorsal
  • Athletic top: Yes or No
  • Monofin: Aquamermaid Standard (6-9 women shoe) or Large (6-13 women shoe)
  • Waist cut: straight or V-shaped
  • Any special request: fins Fringed tips contour, finishing: matte, shine gloss, iridescent, airbrush designs, extra colors…

Include in the attachment :

  • Photos examples for color guidelines.
  • Drawing of your tail design. (download)
  • Measurements chart completed  (download)

Custom Silicone Mermaid Tails and other designs are non-returnable & non-refundable. Because of the custom nature of these products, this is a firm policy and exceptions cannot be made.

Mermaid tails made and designed by Cyntault creations for Aquamermaid.

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