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Miami Mermaid Kids Birthday Party - Kids (7-12yrs)

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Our Magical Mermaid  Party is designed for little mermaids who love to swim and have dreamed of being a  Mermaid. This party is a fairytale dream come true. Our Mermaids can host your group at our pool or we can also come to your own pool!

What's Included?
1-hour mermaid­ swimming party in the pool
Mermaid tail rental for the guests

LOCATION : Mermaid parties are offered at your private pool or at a hotel pool when you book a room! You can also rent a private pool by the our on this website.

Party Outline
10 min Dress the Guests in their Mermaid and Merman Tails
20 min Show the Mermaids how to Swim With a Fin and Learn Mermaid Movements and Tricks!
20 min Play Games and Mermaid Challenges
10 min Pose the Guests in Perfect Mer-Style for a Magical Photo Opportunity
Say Farewell!
Price Details
$300  (5 participants included)
Add on
$30 per additional mermaid participant
All participants must be at least 7 years old 
Participants must know how to swim at least 25 yards and tread water for 1 minute unassisted
Parent/Legal Guardian of each participant must sign liability waiver/release