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Entertain your friends, guests, and clients at your next event! When you Hire A Mermaid Entertainer. A mermaid will come to your event swim, interact with your guests and make a splash with their realistic mermaid tail.  

Hire Synchronized swimmers - Underwater Performer - Professional Swimmer Athlete - Aquatic Models

We offer highly-skilled and professional Aquatic performers for large and small screen productions. Share your project with us! We work with music videos, body double, aquatic stunts for commercials and movies. We work with top athletes & models with a synchronized swimming background, freedivers, scuba diving certification, and water ballet specialty. Ask us to send you an underwater performer demo reels. 

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Mermaid Tail Rental

We rent high-end realistic silicone mermaid tails. It is perfect for video productions and photoshoots. Our tails are made for swimming and have a swimming fin inside. A variety of colours are available. 

Check photos of our mermaid tails available for rental. 

Contact us: or 1-866-279-2767

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