Mermaid Tails for Kids and Adults

Size Guide

The perfect mermaid tail includes mermaid tail fabric and professional mermaid fin. 

The AquaMermaid tail is more durable in securing your feet than other mermaid tails on the market. This is the result of almost 10,000 students being trained at the AquaMermaid school, the biggest mermaid school in the world.


The AquaMermaid tail fabric is offered in exclusive scale design. The colors are bright, the mermaid fabric is stretchy and breathable. There is a zipper on the side to allow quick and easy access to your feet for safe removal in the water.


Strong fabric to resist against wear and tear. Reinforced tips allow you to keep your mermaid tail longer and play more!


Designed for mermaid swimming schools standards, the material is flexible to follow the wave movement of your body. We use a thick 4-way stretch polyester mermaid fabric with 250 GSM thread count. 


Our mermaid fins (monofins) are real sporting equipment, not just a toy! The AquaMermaid monofin is comfortable and has individual foot pockets with adjustable straps. The mermaid fin offers superior propulsion and control in the water.

Standard fin: Fits kids & adult up to women shoe size 9. Dimension: 18x18 inches (46x46 cm)
Large fin: Fits women shoe size 6-13. Dimension 24x21 inches (61x53 cm)


Our monofin has individual foot pockets and adjustable straps. The mermaid fabric has 4-way stretch to fit a variety of body types.

* Bikini top is not included

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Size Chart

Mermaid Tail Size

Mermaid Tail Size


Waist (cm) 

Waist (inches) 


56 - 66

23 - 26 


 67 - 77

 27 - 30 


78 - 90

31 - 35

XLarge 88 - 102 34 - 40


Mermaid Fin Size 

Size Shoe size (women)  Fin Dimensions
Regular 2-9
18x18 inches (46x46 cm)
XLarge 6-13 21x24 inches (61x53cm)
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