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Our mermaids are mesmerizing. They gracefully swim in the water, interact with guests and pose for photos in their high-end, realistic tails.

We have a wide variety of mermaids with different styles and looks. We also have mermen available for hire!

Our team is mobile and will go to the pool of your choice. We also offer a dry option to have a mermaid sitting poolside, on a throne, in a bath tub, on a giant seashell, etc. 

Mermaid Milwaukee Wisconsin

Events Options:

KIDS MERMAID PARTY: Our mermaids lead aquatic games with the kids in the water, swim holding hands, tell mermaid stories, sing, pose for group and individual photos with the kids. 

PRIVATE & CORPORATE EVENTS: Our mermaids create a unique and magical ambiance at your event. Mermaids gracefully swim in the pool and pose for photos with guests. Mermaid entertainers can also demo products, invite guests to try your product experience, pose in a photo-booth, serve drinks, and more!*

Our past events have included: pool parties, renaissance festivals, fundraisers, trade shows, underwater phone case launch, alcoholic beverage launch, aquarium openings, condo open houses, hotel/resort pool party, weddings, staff parties, etc. 

Booking and Pricing: Please email us with the date, time slot, event or project details, and specific address to get your personalized quote. 

Contact: or 1-866-279-2767

We also have mermaid models in photoshoots, commercials, music videos, & TV shows, as well as mermaid performers in tanks & aquariums.  Find out more information about mermaid models/actors HERE.

Mermaid Milwaukee Wisconsin


At AquaMermaid, aspiring merpeople, ages 7 and up, trade in their legs for a monofin, wiggle into a colorful mermaid tail and jump right in!

Fun, sporty and safe, AquaMermaid classes make for original and memorable birthday parties, bachelorettes, family outings, office excursions and more.  

Don’t be fooled – swimming as gracefully as a mermaid isn’t as easy as it looks! An amazing workout, swimming with a monofin is an extremely core-centric exercise that will challenge even experienced swimmers. Pool noodles and lifejackets are available to anyone in need of flotation support. 

Professional mermaids trained as lifeguards, synchronized swimming instructors, and aqua fitness trainers lead the transformation from landlubber to mystical sea creature.

A combination of synchronized swimming and regular swimming techniques will help you to propel through the water like a pro.

Have fins, will travel – Aquamermaid can take the fun to the pool of your choice! 

Learn more about our mermaid swimming lessons HERE

Mermaid School Milwaukee Wisconsin


We are currently looking for a business partner to join our license program in El Milwaukee Wisconsin and start running their own mermaid school. 

More information here - 1 866-279-2767 

Mermaid Kids Milwaukee Wisconsin
**All activities must be PG.