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At Aquamermaid, aspiring merpeople of all genders and swimming levels, 7 years of age and older, trade in their legs for a monofin, wiggle into a colorful lycra tail and jump right in!

Fun, sporty and safe, Aquamermaid classes make for original and memorable birthday parties, bachelorettes, family outings, office excursions and more.  

Don’t be fooled – swimming as gracefully as a mermaid isn’t as easy as it looks! An amazing workout, swimming with a monofin is an extremely core-centric exercise that will challenge even experienced swimmers. Pool noodles and lifejackets are available to anyone in need of flotation support.

Professional mermaids trained as lifeguards, synchronized swimming instructors and aqua fitness trainers lead the transformation from landlubber to mystical sea creature. A combination of synchronized swimming and regular swimming techniques will help you to propel through the water like a pro.

Have fins, will travel – Aquamermaid’s mobile unit takes the fun to the pool of your choice. 

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